Philips FB 825

High-end speakers,  Excellent sound quality.  The conductor series 8 was developed in the laboratory Eindhoven Netherlands and the speakers were produced in Dendermonde Belgium.

Philips FB 825

The twin drive scheme which is parallel and drives two 20cm cone type Woofers is adopted as low-pass. Moreover, the 13cm cone type squawker is carried in the midrange.

The FB 825 ISOPHASE tweeter by Philips specific technology is carried in the high region.
What printed the ribbon of unguided nature on the polyimide thin film dumped of the micra glass fiber is adopted as a diaphragm. This has gained the linear phase response and the outstanding transient response.

Double-density H2 chipboard of 19mm thickness is adopted as an enclosure, and MDF with the chipboard 3 times the density of usual is used for a baffle board.

The Philips FB 825 were ƒ 1600 guilders (€ 762 nowadays) per couple in 1990.


Front panel: Removable

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 110x29x40 cm

Contents Internal / Ex: 93/128 Litre

Material sounding board: 30mm MDF

Case material: 19 mm H2 with 2 reinforcement ridges

Finish: Black or Dark, walnuts motif

Weight 28.5 Kg


Continuous power: 250 Watts (RMS)

Music power: 350 Watts

System impedance: 8 Ohm

Sensitivity: 88 db/1W/1M

Crossover: 350/5000 Hz

Frequency response: 32-20.000 Hz


Tweeter: Isophase type

Midrange: 13 cm double coating

Woofers: 2 x 20 cm double coating


  • Phases-linear, Frequency response 32 to 20,000 Hz , Nominal Impedance 8 ohms, Sensitivity 88dB / 1W / 1 meter
  • Crossover points: 400 and 4500 Hz, High from 4500 to 21,000 Hz, Mids from 400 to 4500 Hz


AD 21601/ RT8

Dimensions: 120x135x38 mm
Back Cover dimensions: 30 mm 94x86
Material: Plastic + Aluminum grille
Weight: 700 Grams


AD 51654/SQ 8DC 

Dimensions: 130x130x64 mm
Magnet dimensions: 90x90x21 mm
Speaker frame: Aluminum
Weight: 900 Grams


AD 80669/ W15DC 

Dimensions: 200x200 x 92 mm
Magnet dimensions: 90x90x21 mm
Speaker frame: Aluminum
Weight: 1.1 Kg

Repair of decayed foam surrounds is often expensive, if you are a little handy you can do this by yourself. 

Complete Repair

Foam surrounds (€ 34.98)
4x 8 inch foam surrounds + 2x 5 inch
3x Glue and 3x brushes

Separate Foam

Foam ring Midrange (€ 4.98)
Foam ring Woofer (€ 6.98)
Foam ring 4x Woofers (€ 22.98)

Philips FB 825

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